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Planting Trees. Now More than ever


Yes, we need to plant more of it.  I hope there will be a law to allow us to plant trees in unused urban spaces.

If there’s any kickstarter project I would like to start, its a blimp aided seed dispersal in deforested mountains – much like the same thing the US Air Force did with Corregidor after the war.  Of course, we’ll need a good seed collection system.

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The 6/55 PCSO Grand Lotto Bet Guide.

The 6/55 Grand Lotto is now back to its ridiculously high jackpot (hitting an estimated 300+ million in the next two draws.  Im not one to complain.  If I could win it, then I could retire early and enjoy life.  But with a probability of winning is at a slim 1:25million, its going to be a long shot for me to win it.  So what does a regular guy do?  I turn to Math/Statistics.  Yeah, I had difficulty with that subject when I was in college, but thanks to Excel, Ive managed to catch up.

Below is the basic chart of the number of times a number was drawn.  The data dates back to the start of the Grand Lotto 6/55.  Take note that the pink lines depict the top 6-8  numbers that are drawn the most, and the yellowed line are those that are way overdue for drawing.  I hope this chart can help you.  And if you do, pls throw some blessings my way 🙂

Master Chart of 6/55 drawn numbers since start

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Sandal Shopping at Liliw Laguna

Liliw is a well hidden town in the near the border of Quezon. It can be accessed thru Nagcarlan route from Pila, or via the Magdalena Liliw road. I prefer the latter.

Over the last decade, Liliw has carved a name for itself as the sandal making capital of the Philippines. Rightly so, they deserve it. On the street on the left side of the church there lies a 1 kilometer strip of shops that sells slippers made in that town, and also some locally made shoes too. A couple of stores also sell some imported ones, but that’s just to serve some variety.

The best part of the whole shopping experience here? Everything is priced in 3 pricing schemes. 3-for-100 for house slippers (better looking than your grocery chooces), 100-250 for those snappy looking sandals for male and all espadrille variants, and 450-600 for those heavy duty thick leather and rubber types. Compare those with your mall choices and you can see straightly a 50% deal from sticker prices. And to sweeten the deal, you can haggle the price even lower.

If you have a knack for giving gifts this xmas, and slippers and sandals are your choice of gift theme for your officemate, then take the trip and buy it here. For boyfriends who have major quarrela with their girlfriends, bringing your partner here will lead to immediate pardon, and maybe for something more.

We dropped by Liliw after picking up my soon to be mom-in-law at Pagsanjan after coming off a seminar in Caliraya. We parked at the cathedral grounds and made our way inside for our customary prayers before heading out to the shops. It isnt that hot nor himid to shop around. The climate and temperature is very much like Baguio. We ended up buying 3k worth of sandals, and my share of 1k was already good for 7 pairs.

Snacks are good too. Barbecue goes for 3-for-p20 only, and they have a local delicacy called piyanono, very much like Pastels of CDO.

I’d recommend this place as a fun-run site for car clubs (with gfs in tow). There are other attractions you can go to on the way here, esp in Los Banos, and the Vigan-esque Pila Poblacion. Now put on your slippers and head on down to Liliw!

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St. Mark’s Chapel – Mt. Makiling

There’s one chapel I keep coming back to, not to attend mass, but just to enjoy God’s creation. No other chapel in the country can make you wonder about his creations and make you feel you’re in heaven better than St. Mark’s Chapel.

Its a small open air chapel right on the slopes of Mt. Makiling leading up to the National High School for the Arts. The place is really beautiful.

On rainy seasons the place would be misty, and I guess it would also be same for the cold season. There is also a high level of humidity since it is in the middle of a tropical jungle. But that adds to its allure.

Its not a traditional church at all. There are no walls except for the slope of Mount makiling on the sides. The seats are concrete, and the whole roof is just a massive concrete overhang supported by the altar pillar. And there are no regular masses and no resident parish priest.

This is a perfect place for a wedding. Unfortunately, you’ll have to go thru a lot just to get a permit. Consider writing a well intended letter to the Director of the Cultural Center of the Philippines just to ask for permission. Then there’s the usual parish turf protocols, and finally. I was able to get the permit before since I once an employee of a company that annually plants tree in Mt. Makiling. Thank God that wedding didnt push thru.

These pictures are from the 3rd and last time my fiancee (and soon to be wife) and I would visit the place. Penny (the white shorkie) is also with us. I would probably visit this again, maybe just for photography and nothing more

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Too Many of Anything and Me

I live alone in the house. And yet;

I have 4 dogs to accompany me.
Then there are 6 pairs of flip flops. I could use one for every section of the house.

I have 4 rooms to repurpose, but i only sleep in one.
There are 4 beds to sleep in and yet i choose this very sentimental cushion.

There are 3 tv sets, and only 2 are working. It doesnt matter, since i dont have cable, there’s nothing intersting to watch.

I also have 4 computers, 2 macs and 2 pcs. Havent used the macs and the netbook since I got this brand new desktop pc. It does everything I wanted it to do for me.

You can find 2 pianos. one upright, and an electric piano thats in the closet. I could never find time to play it. And dont ask me about the various guitars and the pair of violins. I dont even know how to use em.

And then there are 4 mystical beings in the house. There’s a pair of dark ones, and a pair of good light ones. Well thats according to a psychic cousin of mine.

I dont mind having it all here where i live. Everything is connected to someone special in my life, my family. Pretty soon, there will be more stuff of some things, as I start to bring in a family of my own.

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I think must buy new stock of fish foods

I think must buy new stock of fish foods. Im on my last pinch of feeds. I might also get a new goldfish for my tank.

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Harvesting Rice in Pulilan

Harvesting Rice in Pulilan

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Life with the Samsung Galaxy Tab


You might be wondering why I have a Galaxy Tab.  Well, my galaxy ace turned out to be a lemon (just the unit that I got, my girlfriend’s ace is working perfectly) with a fried board out of the box and then some hsdpa connection issues.  I turned the unit over for a replacement and as soon as I got the call from Samsung, I told them I’m not getting the ace anymore and will be getting the tab instead.  I just have to add a couple of thousand pesos for the price difference.

I noticed a couple of setbacks though. First, this has only a 3.2 megapixel camera while the ace has 5 and the camera seems to be slower. Secondly, you’ll need bigger hands. Its hard to carry this thing without a man purse. And I hate man purse. Lastly, its the embarrassment of talking with a digital photo frame up your ear.

Generally, I’m more satisfied with this as my battery life is now much longer even with gps and 3g connected full time. And  3g connection is now much more stable and consistent.

I shloul’ve gotten this unit in the first place.

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Made it to the sports page of a newspape

Made it to the sports page of a newspaper! Business Mirror Dec 30, page C2! This is abt the tournament i organized, and my runner up finish!

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i’m back

i’m back

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